Quartz Quest

An animated series about two best friends, Lyra and Snobelly, traveling the world in search of adventure.

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Quartz Quest is an independently produced animated series about two best friends, Lyra and Snobelly, traveling across the world in search of exciting adventures. Lyra and Snobelly visit any place of interest, meeting new friends, fighting off foes, and uncovering the hidden mysteries buried deep below the surface.The first episode of Quartz Quest, titled "Stealing Trees" , and premiered on January 19th at 6pm EST on the Al Pal Art YouTube channel. When Snobelly and Lyra must split up on one of their adventures, Snobelly has to find his confidence and take on his first solo adventure.Episode 3 "Radiant Encounters", is in production and aiming for a Summer 2024 release.Quartz Quest is made by Alex Y. (AL Pal Art). The production is currently self funded, any donations through AL’s Kofi or support by sharing the project helps a lot. (Thank you!)



Lyra is an adventurer traveling across the world in her boat. She has dedicated her life to seeking thrills and uncovering the mysteries of the world. She's confident in herself, but is sometimes too eager to reach her goals. After traveling alone for a while, she meets Snobelly, and eagerly invites him to come with her on her world wide adventure.


Snobelly is a penguin from a small town on the edge of the arctic. He dreams of grand adventures, and escaping his boring home town. After meeting Lyra, Snobelly is swept off his feet and joins her journey across the world. Snobelly is always excited to start on an adventure, but he often gets overwhelmed when things start to heat up.


A mysterious lady that Snobelly and Lyra encounter on Bevine Island. Not much is known about her or what she's doing there.


Roxxy is a fulltime internet adventurer and a dedicated researcher. She is the youngest of seven siblings and spends her days online discussing her interests. From the supernatural to niche sitcoms, she has eyes on a broad range of topics. If there's info out there she can probably find it, or at least know where to look.

King Dog

King Dog is the leader of a strange pack of dog-like creatures. He instructs his subjects to steal items from the nearby towns. He adds these items to his large piles of junk, and plans to use these items as political bribery. After his altercation with Lyra and Snobelly, it appears his aspirations have change to be a social media influencer.

Tree Thing

A rude tree monster thing. It is said to have appeared after lighting struck a young tree during a full moon. After a fight with Lyra and Snobelly, it was split into two separate beings. An overzealous top half and a incoherent bottom half.

Weird Dog

A weird Dog spotted on Bevine Island. No idea what it is but it's kind of gross.

As Lyra and Snobelly continue their journeys, more characters will be added to this section


Ep.1 "Lying Dog"

Released: May 26th 2023Lyra and Snobelly are visiting a small town, when their wallet is stolen by a strange dog-like creature. They must find the creatures and get their wallet back so they can leave the town and get back to their adventures.

Ep.2 "Stealing Trees"

Released: January 19th 2024After an altercation with a Tree Monster, Lyra and Snobelly must split up, in order to retrieve the Luminous Crystal. Snobelly must manage the situation and figure out how to adventure all on his own.

Ep.3 "Radiant Encounters"

Releasing: Summer 2024Lyra and Snobelly explore a desolate island covered in overgrown vines. On the island they meet a strange lady who seems to have some answers to their burning questions.


More About the Project

Wow! What is Quartz Quest?

At its heart Quartz Quest is a story of two best friends having fun and seeking grand adventure while growing into better versions of themselves. As the series progresses Lyra and Snobelly will be pushed to their limits, as they discover a long forgotten energy source hidden deep under their world, known simply as Quartz Energy. Hidden away for uncountable years, Lyra and Snobelly travel the world investigating strange places and creatures that all seem to share a connection to the Quartz Energy in some way.Quartz Quest as a concept was created nearly a decade ago while creator AL was in middle school. The concept and characters have changed drastically in the time since but the dream to bring this idea to life through animation has always remained at the forefront of his mind. Now finally Snobelly and Lyra get to start their adventures. The first two episodes of Quartz Quest have been released and a 3rd episode is in the middle of production.Quartz Quest is planned to be a continuous series with episodes releasing as they finish. There is currently a full plan for a “first season” of the series. There currently is no estimated timeframe for these future episodes due to the nature of animation production. This project is self funded, and donations and support from viewers help to allow AL to continue steady production on the episodes.